REQUEST: specific narrow focus list for my participation

George (Skip) VerDuin verduin at
Wed May 9 14:59:28 UTC 2007


It is my expectation that your interests and mine are best served by my
participation in some area that is a fairly narrow focus - networking.
I could use your guidance.

I am actively developing a documentation wiki for application software
in ham radio digital communication topic area.  It fits on my own FC
platform and as such I expect to provide links to specific FC Docs
project pages.  That is the easy part which does not need help from
yourselves.  I have come upon a feature in FC-6 that does not function,
has little written about it, but probably does not constitute a bug.  It
is here that I see I might fit.

Specific to this subject, using the "ifconfig" statement to establish an
alias IP address does produce what seems to be a valid definition, but
when a packet is built it contains an incorrect source IP address.  This
is true on FC-6 up-to-date within weeks, but not true on ubuntu platform
operated by an associate of mine.  Until FC documentation contains the
passage to describe the "should be" definition (that I can not locate
and believe may not exist) I can not consider this situation to be a
software bug.

IF I am correct in my assertion, I am willing to draft a topic specific
FC-docs text as well as the alert text to my software users regarding FC
and an appropriate workaround.  If I am not correct, perhaps I have
wasted your time...

So, I ask your direction into the group of developers for this subject
area to explore the options at hand?

Warmest regards from here,

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