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Hyuugabaru hyu_gabaru at yahoo.co.jp
Sat May 19 09:15:20 UTC 2007

Hi, all:

I'm translating messages and docs into Japanese these three weeks or so.

I've translated "about-fedora", "homepage", "readme", and "readme-burning-isos".
(At the starting, the scores were 1/8/31, 11/2/24, 1/9/54, and 54/34/10)

Now, I'm suffering to translate "release-notes".  There are so many fuzzies and 

I've been checking from the web page:

but currently, it does not show translation statistics of Japanese release-notes.

So, I copied and modified the shell script on the web page and executed, but it 
	ja: /396/ /396/34/ /397/ /3/
just like <stickster_work> at 09:10 in "FDSCo Meeting 2007-05-12 IRC log" saying 
the statistics of homepage-ja.

The first scores I logged were 112/195/233/ and, the last scores showed on the 
web page were 146/170/224.

I'm not so familiar with cvs command.  How do I get the correct statistics?

Thanks in advance.

I'm new to translate on Fedora Project, and made some handing errors.
	--> Thanks Paul W. Frields for correctings.

Hyu_gabaru Ryu_ichi
hyu_gabaru at yahoo.co.jp
Shizuoka, Japan
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