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Paul W. Frields stickster at gmail.com
Sat May 19 14:16:42 UTC 2007

On Sat, 2007-05-19 at 18:15 +0900, Hyuugabaru wrote:
> I'm translating messages and docs into Japanese these three weeks or so.

Hi Hyu (and I apologize if I am getting your name wrong, please correct
me if so).  I've seen all the work you've done, so thank you!

> I've translated "about-fedora", "homepage", "readme", and "readme-burning-isos".
> (At the starting, the scores were 1/8/31, 11/2/24, 1/9/54, and 54/34/10)
> Now, I'm suffering to translate "release-notes".  There are so many fuzzies and 
> untranslateds.

Yes, these are a big job, which is why they're usually done by small
teams.  I seem to remember we had a young lady doing some translation
for the ja locale, but haven't heard from her in some time.  You may
find her name in the PO file, and get in touch with her for additional

> I've been checking from the web page:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Translation/Statistics
> but currently, it does not show translation statistics of Japanese release-notes.

Yes, because the "ja" locale is not part of the OTHERS variable in the
Makefile yet, due its incomplete state.

> So, I copied and modified the shell script on the web page and executed, but it 
> shows:
> 	ja: /396/ /396/34/ /397/ /3/
> just like <stickster_work> at 09:10 in "FDSCo Meeting 2007-05-12 IRC log" saying 
> the statistics of homepage-ja.

> The first scores I logged were 112/195/233/ and, the last scores showed on the 
> web page were 146/170/224.
> I'm not so familiar with cvs command.  How do I get the correct statistics?

You can override the Makefile definition like this:

make OTHERS="ja" postat-ja

You can also simply run the manual command "msgfmt --stat ja.po" at any
time.  However, this won't fix the problem you're seeing, which is due
to the errors in your PO file.  I think I've fixed those, so make sure
you PO is up to date ("cvs up").  Another helpful command:

make OTHERS="ja" validate-xml-ja

If you have errors in your PO file, this will certainly expose them as
well.  Feel free to post errors and ask for help here or on IRC in
#fedora-docs at any time!

> p.s.
> I'm new to translate on Fedora Project, and made some handing errors.
> 	--> Thanks Paul W. Frields for correctings.

No problem, that's the essence of teamwork!

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