FDSCo Meeting 2007-05-15 Summary

Karsten Wade kwade at redhat.com
Sun May 20 18:24:21 UTC 2007

= FDSCo =
Bart Couvreur (couf)
Paul W. Frields (stickster)
Karsten Wade (quaid)
Bob Jensen (EvilBob)
John Babich (jmbuser)

= Peanut Gallery =
Guillermo Gomez (gomix)


* Translation of release notes and related files that comprise the
fedora-release-notes package are essentially complete:


* No additional items were added to the release notes, we'll be relying
upon the Web-only version

* Each XML page of the release notes is going to have a copy of the
admonition to refer to the Web-based notes for the latest information.
Annoying, but with deep-linking and such, it makes sure people know
about those Web-only notes.  This will be on substantive pages, not e.g.

* PackageChanges content is going to be on the Wiki only, so is removed
from the packaged notes

* Installation Guide (IG) on schedule for translation drop and release:


* Translations of the guides are released on a rolling basis -- when
done, they are published.  This is different from e.g. the release
notes, which need to ship with the ISO.  When a translation is
completed, the translator posts a note on the publish page:


* Target content for F7 release is:  release notes (and related bits)
and the Installation Guide.  We are pushing to release the English
version of the guides

* The PublishQueue needs to make it into the Translation Quick Start


... at least until we have a new method in the middle of this summer :)

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