content developer, writer, oh my!

Karsten Wade kwade at
Mon May 21 10:52:00 UTC 2007

On this page:

It previously said "Content Developer" for this link:

Where it says, "Description of this role: Communicate through words."

So why don't we say "Technical Writer"?  Well, I did update the role
today to say "Content Developer (Writer)" instead, so at least it's not

One reason is to maintain the developer/contributor paradigm -- everyone
is a developer.

Another is to align with new industry standards.

Yet, I have personally had problems with this label, so I am mixed about
the usage.  The main reason is that most job roles look for "technical
writing" skills, which are specific to technical roles/needs.  A
"content developer" could be developing content about toothpaste and cat
food; there is nothing in the title that specifies that it is focused on
the technical aspects.

Your thoughts?  Do you care?

- Karsten
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