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Tue May 22 14:44:54 UTC 2007

Alexander Bub

My name's Alexander Bub. I am from
Rubtsovsk, Altai region, Russian Federation. I work as the teacher of computer subjects at Rubtsovsk technical school for machinebuilding ( databases, operating systems, administration of local networks) and system integrator ( linux & windows heterogenious networks interoperability).

The goal of my participation in the project is to help people in my country interested in Fedora OS to get the latest and the most actual information on Fedora linux achievements and the deployment of Fedora OS as the main OS on boxes in my technical school and other institutions country-wide. (Fedora OS is the only worthy alternative I see at my place opposing to the proprietary and pricey Windows XP)

I have graduated from one of our local universities and majored in English language. I am a qualified technical writer, thus, I think my skills and experience can help a lot in achievement of my goals.

I am an experienced linux user and system administrator.

Working at tech school gives me a good opportunity to test
Fedora OSes at my computer labs and get my students' opinions on problems we sometimes face when using this operating system.  

I think my own Fedora experience and interest to this OS would be of certain help to the Fedora community in my country.

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