Self-Introduction: Jose M Manimala

jose manimala josemanimala at
Thu May 24 09:20:19 UTC 2007

I just saw the pattern for the introduction mail.

Jose M Manimala

Cochin, India


Rajagiri school of information and technology

Write a guide to configure a server for apache/tomcat.
internet related documents.

Historical Qualifications:
I write on my blog.
System admin level computer skills.
i am a cousellor for jesus youth and help people in their troubles.
know almost all Scripting languages.
I can help the project by writing about things i know. Any system if i
am given a day to understand it will have a guide by the end of the
next day.

GPG Key:

pub  1024D/98FF52D2 2007/05/22 Jose M Manimala (Not for the faint
hearted!!) <josemanimala at>
     Key fingerprint = 1C7A 2E7C FC45 0F79 1CFC  7368 0494 FB95 98FF 52D2

Jose M Manimala

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