Needed some polish of a howto of the creation of a localized KDE-LiveCD

John Babich jmbabich at
Sat May 26 09:42:33 UTC 2007

You guys must do mind reading in your spare time.

You may have noticed that I volunteered to keep the web page
updated. It would be great to formalize the process now that
things are being finalized for the Fedora 7 release.

I also received quite a bit of feedback, in the form of comments and
even other blog posts, on my blog concerning my attempts to
recruit KDE and Xfce writers

(BTW, this is the first time I got any comments on a blog entry.)

One very instructive comment suggested a User Guide for each
Live CD, which I agree is a very good idea.

I would like to keep the wiki version going to capture new material from

As has been previously discussed. there are certain apps in common,
such as and Mozilla Firefox.

There are also apps which are associated with particular desktop
managers, such as GNOME, KDE and Xfce.

One solution appropriate to the wiki version is to use includes, similar
to how we use them now to produce a printable version.

Using includes, the "common apps" section would be combined with the
appropriate "desktop manager apps" section. For example, the "common
apps" section would be included first, then the "GNOME apps" section,
resulting in a GNOME version of the FUG.

The GNOME FUG would become the basis for the GNOME Live CD
Guide, which may include other sections.

As far as customs respins, the basic sections could be combined as needed
to produce the custom doc. For example, if no OpenOffice apps are included,
drop the OOo section by not "include"-ing it.

BTW, no matter what approach we adopt, I'm afraid it's impossible to
avoid mentioning what windows manager in use.

This definitely deserves further discussion in the FDSco meeting on
27 May.

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Docs Project

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