Presentation and some questions

Mario Pascucci mpascucci at
Mon May 28 18:12:33 UTC 2007

Hi all.

I apologize if this is wrong list, but I was wondering about...

I'm a very happy Fedora user (and before I was happy RadHat user from
rel 6.1), and I maintain a blog on Linux and Fedora, in italian, where
I publish some guides about Linux and one on Installing and
configuring Fedora (always in italian). I done a lot of work with Qemu
to capture installation screenshots (both graphical and text mode) of
Fedora 6.
The manual is here:

For generating it I use Docbook 4.2 XML with xmlto utility to generate
html docs (I use vim to wrote it).

Anyone found some part of it useful? Can I contribute to the
documentation in any way with it? Screenshots, maybe?

My gpg key ID is 0×5F0AC7D3
Key fingerprint = 8727 1264 83D7 4BE4 7721  05DE 929B 848B 5F0A C7D3

I already have a Bugzilla account.

Thanks in advance.

Mario 'Reliant' Pascucci

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