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Tue May 29 08:53:53 UTC 2007

2007/5/29, Karsten Wade <kwade at>:
> On Mon, 2007-05-28 at 20:12 +0200, Mario Pascucci wrote:
> > Hi all.
> >
> > I apologize if this is wrong list, but I was wondering about...
> No, no, you definitely found the right place.  At least a good place to
> start.
> Have you seen/used this page?


> > I'm a very happy Fedora user (and before I was happy RadHat user from
> > rel 6.1), and I maintain a blog on Linux and Fedora, in italian, where
> > I publish some guides about Linux and one on Installing and
> > configuring Fedora (always in italian). I done a lot of work with Qemu
> > to capture installation screenshots (both graphical and text mode) of
> > Fedora 6.
> > The manual is here:
> >
> >
> > For generating it I use Docbook 4.2 XML with xmlto utility to generate
> > html docs (I use vim to wrote it).
> Great.  We're using DocBook v.4.4.  In many cases, work is done on the
> Wiki, then converted to XML for final edit, translation, and publishing.
> Writers choose their preferred starting place.

I write directly DocBook XML.

> > Anyone found some part of it useful? Can I contribute to the
> > documentation in any way with it? Screenshots, maybe?
> Are you interested in writing, in English or in Italian?  We can work
> with documents in any language, as long as there are enough native
> speakers who can help edit per Fedora Documentation standards.

I prefer italian, but anyway I can read english, at least the typical
technical documentation style.

> We currently have an Installation Guide, and the Fedora 7 version is in
> the very final draft.  You can obtain it easily from here:
> Paul put up a link to a tarball of the full XML source.  There is just
> enough time for you to read and provide any comments back; you can send
> them to this list.
> Do you have other interests in documenting?  User or administrator
> guides?  How-to use specific tools?  Live CD, custom spins, or other
> installation/customizations?

I wrote an installation guide, that is similar to Paul Frields guide,
but I talk more estensively about preparing system, using
SystemRescueCD to backup existing (windows) partitions, resize them
and, eventually, restore the system after erasing Linux. I talk about
"practical installation", with tips about packages choices, partition
sizes and structure, little troubleshooting with X, generic peripheral
trobleshoot (with lspci, lsusb and google) and rescue mode use (this
is for the specific situation in case of Windows reinstall that
overwrites Grub).

I also wrote:
* a quick guide to setup an external storage (USB disk or pen drive)
encrypted with LUKS:
* installation report of Fedora 6 on some notebooks: HP nx7300, nc6400
and Thinkpad z60t
* tips for play MP3, DVDs and DivX with Livna and tips for using OGG
and FLAC instead of MP3
* quick install for Flash Player 9
* quick install for Java runtime 5
* quick install for bluetooth mouse
* quick install for Wacom tablet
* quick install of Return to castle Wolfenstein game in native mode
* a full guide/tutorial on GnuPG on Windows and Linux
* quick install of logitech quickcam webcam
and more, all available on my website.

I understand that many of them are "product related", but I think that
can be useful for many people that use Fedora.

> Over this week we are working to fix up the tasks page:
> Watch this list for an announcement that the task list is ready for peer
> review, etc.

Ok. Thanks.

Mario 'Reliant' Pascucci

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