Fedora 7 installation guide and release notes

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Thu May 31 12:57:01 UTC 2007

On Thu, 2007-05-31 at 13:06 +0100, Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> > A group of us in a FDSCo meeting (including UG and AG contributors) felt
> > that we could merge the SMG content into the UG and AG.  All of the
> > user-oriented content goes into the UG, and any special repo making
> > content goes into the AG.
> I just started moving over the Pup and Pirut guides from the SMG to
> the UG. One thing struck me though: some points in the SMG don't
> really fall in the UG or the AG, such as Software Management Concepts.
> Maybe the SMG still needs to hang around in some form or another to
> cater for these bits?

This merits some discussion, definitely.  I originally edited this guide
-- some time ago -- and have (I hope) gained a little bit better vantage
point in the intervening time.  The way I see it, the concepts outlined
here are too advanced for new users, especially converts from other
platforms.  The purpose of the User Guide, especially, is not to Teach
You All About Linux/Fedora/Packages/Whatever; it is to show you how to
accomplish some common tasks.  Those tasks should definitely include
updating the software on your machine, since it means inheriting
bugfixes and security patches.  The user needn't understand concepts of
software management or packaging to accomplish that task.

The Administrators Guide, however, is a great place to *repeat* the
content on "how" and then, additionally, *include* the content on "why."
System administrators *should* know these concepts, since they affect
the provision of services to users.  So include them there, and a note
in the UG can easily direct rabidly curious or otherwise advanced users
to the AG.

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