Join page

Jonathan Roberts at
Thu May 3 09:25:30 UTC 2007

Hi all,

I've finished pushing the content out and trimmed the "Signing up"
section with anchor links to further info on a new page entitled

I think this checklist page will need a bit more work and also the
other new page I created, CompleteReference (i.e. a generic page that
links to all our more detailed info, I've basically used it as a
dumping ground for a lot of the material that was on the DP/Join page)
will need to be tidied at some point.

I'm happy to do both of these things but I think I'm all joined out
right now...Next few days perhaps :D

The other thing that I think would be awesome to put on the DP/Join
page is a link to a "Todo" list - I'm not sure I have the knowledge of
everything going on to create that myself however.  Still, a nice
future goal?



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