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Re: meeting 26 May

Isn't it the 26th today!?!?

On 26/05/07, Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:
The agenda is updated, maybe more to come?


Although it's last on the list, the most important thing I think we are
doing is the task list.

We need to:

* Get it updated with *all* tasks
* Find a way to present it better than a HUGE AND SCARY TABLLLLLLEEE!!
* Order by difficulty (maybe separate tables by complexity? by task
(guide, tool, etc.)?
* Consider what we want to get busy with between releases, with our
scant breathing room


It is a holiday weekend in the US, so don't expect to see the US-based
folks. :)  I'll be there, though, since my major plan on any Sunday
morning at 1600 UTC is to listen to Car Talk (http://cartalk.com/). :)

- Karsten
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