Self-Introduction: Geert Warrink

Geert Warrink geert.warrink at
Sat Nov 10 20:10:15 UTC 2007

Mij name is Geert Warrink and I live in the village Nuenen in the
Currently I am retired, but before that I worked as an electronic
engineer with Philips Research. In the last period of my working life, I
supported the users of our in-house IC design simulation package called
Pstar. This included giving courses to users and writing user
documentation. The language used in these activity was mostly English.

My goal in the Fedora project is the translation of documentation to

I think that I could do a good job as I have experience in this kind of
activities buildup in my working period. Besides, being retired now, I
do have quite an amount of time available to spend on this project.
I have been using Linux since 1995 of a PC, before that I experimented
with Linux on an Amiga 2000.
In the past, I have done some programming, but I don't really like

All in all, I think that I can improve quality and at least the quantity
of the Dutch Fedora Documentation.

Kind regards,
Geert Warrink

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