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On Nov 11, 2007 6:10 AM, Geert Warrink <geert.warrink at> wrote:
> Mij name is Geert Warrink and I live in the village Nuenen in the
> Netherlands.
> Currently I am retired, but before that I worked as an electronic
> engineer with Philips Research. In the last period of my working life, I
> supported the users of our in-house IC design simulation package called
> Pstar. This included giving courses to users and writing user
> documentation. The language used in these activity was mostly English.
> My goal in the Fedora project is the translation of documentation to
> Dutch.
> I think that I could do a good job as I have experience in this kind of
> activities buildup in my working period. Besides, being retired now, I
> do have quite an amount of time available to spend on this project.
> I have been using Linux since 1995 of a PC, before that I experimented
> with Linux on an Amiga 2000.
> In the past, I have done some programming, but I don't really like
> that.
> All in all, I think that I can improve quality and at least the quantity
> of the Dutch Fedora Documentation.
> Kind regards,
> Geert Warrink
Hi Geert,

Welcome! Have fun with whatever you do!


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