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Wed Nov 14 00:17:09 UTC 2007

On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 09:25 +1300, Vladimir Kosovac wrote:
> What is the story with SELinux docs? There are two related structures in
> the wiki:
> The latter one is 'published' document, according to
> Should we look at:
> 1] merging the two
> 2] adding them to AdminGuide draft
> 3] unlinking published doc from draft AdminGuide
> 4] doing something else
> 5] doing nothing?

SELinux definitely is too complicated to inhabit part of the Admin
Guide.  In fact, if the Admin Guide is scoped properly, users should
generally not need to know anything about it (i.e. things just work as
long as you follow best practices).

The SELinux documentation used to be maintained by Karsten in cahoots
with at least one other fellow, but Karsten is *way* overassigned
between his normal @RH job, his other Fedora duties such as the Board,
and, y'know, family. ;-)  It would be really cool if someone who is not
already working on a task would get involved to shepherd the SELinux
Guide through updates to bring it inline with Fedora 8 -- which probably
is not as drastic an overhaul as you might think, since much of what's
in the SELinux Guide is principle and not practice, and therefore only
needs minor tweaks.

Where I'd bet it needs some additional material is in (1) eliminating
any reference to the "strict" policy, which is gone now; (2) adding or
updating information on using the spiffy new command line and GUI tools
such as setroubleshoot/sealert, system-config-selinux, and the various
policy building tools; and (3) a brief rundown on what makes SELinux
different from (and superior to) AppArmor. (Zing!)  Much of this
material is well documented on Dan Walsh's SELinux materials already on
the wiki and his blog, and he has always been more than happy to advise
people on any fine points.

The SELinux Guide is maintained as DocBook XML in CVS, so there is a
minimal requirement for a very small portion of command line skill to
get involved here.  It should be nothing beyond the reach of anyone
who's been running Linux for more than a few months.  Jason Taylor has
already stepped up to the plate to help with Release Notes -- although I
should point out that I'm by no means putting him in a minimal skill
category -- and I think he can confirm that it's a relatively painless
process.  I (or any of several other contributors) can help anyone get
started, as he can also attest.

Interested parties, please roll up your sleeves!

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