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On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 09:07 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Paul W. Frields wrote:
> > 
> > * For F9 the Release Summary should be drawn directly from the OverView
> > beat to the greatest extent possible.  The OverView beat should feature
> > content that is the most meaningful to end users, developers, and
> > community members using the Fedora platform.  If this means the Release
> > Summary is a verbatim copy of that beat, there is no harm in that.
> This is frequently difficult because a number of things are yet 
> undecided or not made clear when the release notes freeze happens. The 
> underlying problem is that the development process of Fedora should be 
> more organized and trying to find improvements in that is usually 
> difficult.

Let's explore some ways to improve that situation then.  Part of the
support for this probably falls into John Poelstra's lap.  To me, this
means whip-cracking for folks to nail down features in time for us to
document them properly, so those documents can be translated in time, so
a package can be rolled... etc., etc.

It's clear that you've been saddled with the brunt of creating these
documents for the past several releases, and as we've both noted before,
neither of us scales well.  We need to spend more time *ahead* of the
Alpha release lining up people to help with these tasks.  This would
alleviate the need for both of us to scurry at the end of each release,
creating more work across the board.

Although we want as up-to-date Release Notes as possible, there is some
value in visibility, i.e. shouting at developers to get their forecasts
in at a reasonable timeframe.  And we should stop rewarding the
continual tendency around various parts of the project to flood
last-minute changes after the RC stage.  We need to get that demon under
control to achieve a truly stellar release.

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