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Murray McAllister murray.mcallister at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 05:26:56 UTC 2007

> So I got this today in IRC:
> 15:41 < mdious> quaid, when did you want the admin guide to be finished?
> Good question!
> How much work do you all think it needs before it's ready for a full
> Wiki-based edit?
> We'll then want to give about a week for XML conversion.
> Could we target 25 Nov. for the ready-for-edit?
> Then we could have the initial English version out on 03 Dec., maybe to
> coincide with a fedora-release-notes update.
> - Karsten


I think the 25th is a good target. I am dragging the ball on the dns
section, but I have all the information, so once I get enough time I
can pretty much copy and paste, and someone provided a great link from
red hat magazine.

Karsten: in one of your replies it looked like only 2-3 days for a
review, will that be enough time?



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