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On Mon, 2007-11-19 at 09:04 +0900, Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:

> Can we have a calender to plan stuff similar to how packaging has a
> target of what needs to be done.  The only difference for us is that we
> are dependent on other people in some parts of the docs areas.  Plus a
> lot of the stuff that is created is a revolving calender.

Yes, it's the project management where we are suffering over the years.
To be honest, I'm not as passionate about PM work, so I don't prioritize
it over other (fun!) stuff.

Let's appeal to John Poelstra to work with us.

Is there anyone here who is interested in PM work, scheduling, and the
like?  We could work with John to make up a Docs schedule that ties into
the overall schedule (like as a module).

BTW, I've seen some cool usages of TaskJuggler as part of automation and
build tools.  John has seen this, too, so I hope we'll be seeing some of
that in Fedora. :)

- Karsten
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