Self Introduction: John Wess

Marc Wiriadisastra marc at
Wed Nov 21 22:45:59 UTC 2007

On Tue, 2007-11-20 at 23:47 -0500, John Wess wrote:
>  John Wess
>       * Orlando, Florida 
>       * Sales Engineer
>       * Bright House Networks
>       * Your goals in the Fedora Project 
>               * I just want to get started...editing and helping out
>                 where I can.
>       * Historical qualifications 
>               *  I haven't written anything other than some blogs and
>                 internal technical documentation.  
>               *  RedHat/Fedora and FreeBSD user for several years. 
>               *  I am not a programmer but I have a good sense of how
>                 to communicate technology effectively to an
>                 uninitiated audience. I am and have been an Open
>                 Source advocate at home and work.
>       * gpg --fingerprint 9E5F5EFE
>         pub   1024D/9E5F5EFE 2007-11-21
>               Key fingerprint = 3FB1 1274 E95A D797 CCD0  1629 7376
>         258C 9E5F 5EFE
>         uid                  johndwess (for projects)
>         <johndwess at>
>         sub   2048g/B2B95A9A 2007-11-21

Welcome to the docs project.  How many Johns does that make it? :)  As I
mentioned in another thread lots of newbie questions were asked by me
over the past month so feel free to look at the archives.

The DUG needs some lovin' I'm going away for a weeks time but I'm more
than happy to give you a hand.  The easiest way I found how to edit the
DUG specifically or any wiki pages is to have a look at what others have
done and try and understand.

IRC is a huge help where you will often find people who are supposed to
be doing work helping out :)



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