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Vladimir Kosovac vnk at
Thu Nov 22 01:53:39 UTC 2007

Paul W. Frields wrote:
> I fear my blurting out something that came to mind has made me seem a
> little too much like an agent provocateur.  

Not at all. It is an important issue that needed addressing.

> But in essence, this is
> indeed what I meant: that with the few hands we have, perhaps we're best
> served by eliminating as much administration as possible, to the extent
> it frees up resources/time.
It worked out as a wake-up call to at least some of us.

>>>> I think I also understand where is Paul Frields coming from but I don't
>>>> agree that it's time to give up. Instead, let's do what procedurally
>>>> needs to be done - announce and hold elections and see how can we move on.
> Give up?!?  Never!  :-)

Yeah, I know - very bad choice of words on my part.

>> In conclusion, I vote for remaining a project and applying
>> project management procedures similar to that applied to
>> package committers and maintainers..
> I'm glad this issue has spurred some discussion, but hope it wasn't
> aggravating to anyone.  

I don't think it was. It was a right call (from both you and Karsten)
that could have come earlier, actually. I'm just sorry that none of us
had enough sensitivity to realise this beforehand and offer some help.

 This is a good time to be around in the Docs
> Project and I look forward to many great achievements yet to come!

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