Self-Introduction: Chris Curran

Christopher Curran ccurran at
Thu Nov 22 23:27:32 UTC 2007

    *    Christopher Curran
    *  Brisbane, Australia (+10)
    *  Technical Writer
    *  Red Hat
    * Your goals in the Fedora Project
          o To write about favourite subjects really, things I find
            interesting and have a strong enthusiasm for (storage mainly
            but I am known to dabble in many fields)
          o  I wouldn't mind doing a bit of editing now and then.
    * Historical qualifications
          o I've written some of the pages on Gentoo's wiki. Short
            stories, poetry  and presently almost finished a novel.
            Answering forum questions.
          o Computer skills: Intermediate in most areas, very strong in
          o I'm not a bad code monkey.
          o I've managed a software development project.
          o Some  electrical and hard hack skills, using Linux (or no
            OS) of course :P.
          o What makes you an excellent match for the project? In a
            short amount of time I can product awesome work. Improving
            Fedora and the Linux experience is a very good thing.

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