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Murray McAllister murray.mcallister at
Fri Nov 23 07:22:28 UTC 2007

Hi Everyone,

I have 'completed' the DNS and BIND section. I have not read over what
I have done, planning to do that Saturday morning since I am a day
ahead of every ne else.

The structure is terrible...maybe someone else will fix that ;).

Maybe this section could be left out, I have only detailed how to
setup and configure when compiling bind from source. I tried a 'yum
install bind' this morning and couldn't even find where it put I figured I did not have enough time to learn all over
again before saturday.

Also, what is the policy on linking to external websites? I have a few
links to other sites, such as ...
these sites may not be around as long as the guide though.

I have included a "references and thanks" section at the end. These
were the books and resources I used when I wrote the original paper
that I used for this guide, however that knowledge is now common to me
- so are the links needed? I don't think there should be a list like
this in an admin guide anyway...but I don't want to take credit for
someone elses work. If it shouldn't be there (I'm not sure it needs to
be since it is common knowledge to me now).

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

Kind Regards,


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