Self-Introduction: Malcolm Jacobson

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Sun Nov 25 16:38:30 UTC 2007

On Sun, 2007-11-25 at 09:44 +1000, Malcolm Jacobson wrote:
> Hi all,

Hi Malcolm!

> During the installation of Fedora 8 I encountered a problem with the
> DNS settings I wanted to use. I read through all of the "Network
> Administration Tool" Help and asked a few questions on forums but
> couldn't resolve the issue, so I ended up posting a BugZilla report.
> Thanks to the incredibly helpful Harald Hoyer I found out that the fix
> was a simple matter of clearing a particular check box that is enabled
> by default. This check box isn't covered in the Network Administration
> Tool Help, so I thought I'd quickly update it so the next person who
> encountered the same problem didn't clog up BugZilla with another
> "notabug" report. Unfortunately, after several days searching, I can't
> locate the repository for this Help and I can't work out how to
> contribute updates to a single topic.

This is definitely something that should appear in the Administration
Guide, under "setting up networks" or some such.

> Is there some sort of Wiki available where people can upload/update
> documentation that will be included in the next release of Fedora?
> Is it possible to contribute on an ad-hoc basis (e.g. a single topic),
> or are you only allowed to contribute if you become part of a larger
> project?
> Unfortunately I don't have the spare time to become involved in any
> projects, but I would like to contribute what I can, when I can, if
> there is mechanism to do this.

Here's the rub, Malcolm:  Documentation from contributors, which we
welcome, has to be licensed in a way that we are free to distribute it,
and that anyone else is free to copy and redistribute.  We therefore
must have controls in place that allow you to affirmatively license your
work in that fashion.  Unfortunately, right now there are a couple too
many steps involved in doing this, but we are working hard to make this
easier for people like yourself, who just want to help with wiki-based

In the meantime, you can visit for instructions on
geting a Fedora account and wiki access.  It will take probably about
15-30 minutes of your time, all told, and maybe some wait time for
someone to do the necessary approval and adding you to the wiki
EditGroup.  Apologies for the length of the process, but again, I know
that Karsten has been actively pushing toward getting one-click wiki
licensing for a while, and we hope it will exist soon.

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