Self-Introduction: Malcolm Jacobson

Dan O'Brien dan at
Mon Nov 26 16:22:12 UTC 2007

Malcolm Jacobson wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Thanks for your reply.
>> Here's the rub, Malcolm:  Documentation from contributors, which we
>> welcome, has to be licensed in a way that we are free to distribute it,
>> and that anyone else is free to copy and redistribute.  We therefore
>> must have controls in place that allow you to affirmatively license your
>> work in that fashion.  Unfortunately, right now there are a couple too
>> many steps involved in doing this, but we are working hard to make this
>> easier for people like yourself, who just want to help with wiki-based
>> documentation.
> OK. I’ve written a fair bit of free (mainly Creative Commons licensed)
> content over the years, but I’ve never encountered the key/fingerprint
> process before. I look forward to the arrival of one-click licensing!
>> In the meantime, you can visit
>> for instructions on
>> geting a Fedora account and wiki access.
> Thanks. I had a read through the Fedora Documentation Style Guide
> today and I found the section on "Screenshots and Images" quite
> interesting. I understand the reasons why images are not preferred,
> but I would like to use at least one screenshot per page in my
> documentation. If I use more than one image per page will my
> documentation be rejected?
> I also found a couple of typo's in the Style Guide. I'm not sure if
> they should be the subject of another email, so I'll just include them
> here:
> 1. On the "Content and Rendering" page
> The second sentence is missing the word "of" between "types" and
> "information" (Many writers use formatting to distinguish between
> different types information ...).
> 2. On the "Dates and Times" page
> The third sentence of the third paragraph of the "Absolute Times"
> section is missing the "s" in the word "use" (For example, to ue
> precision ...).
> Cheers,
> Malcolm.
I've fixed the 2 typos you pointed out. Good catch :)

Dan O'Brien

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