FDSCo Meeting 2007-11-04 IRC log

John Babich jmbabich at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 17:50:06 UTC 2007

<stickster> <meeting>
<stickster> Roll call... hi-ya folks!
<EvilBob> BobJensen
* jmbuser had his mandatory disconnect
<jmbuser> JohnBabich
<stickster> We expect no less!
<EvilBob> I may have to leave early, family errands...
<EvilBob> So there are 3 of us?
<stickster> Looks like.
<stickster> OK, our agenda is a bit crooked, so let's just take care
of any leftover release business for now, since I'm sure that's what's
on everyone's minds
<stickster> All right, current status of relnotes -- tonight I do a
final POT sync, and notify f-trans-list
<stickster> I was just syncing some of the content before the meeting,
fortunately not many changes.
* stickster acknowledges that jmtaylor wanted to receive training on
this stuff, will handle after meeting
<nim-nim> BTW there is some documentation work listed on
* nim-nim hides
<stickster> According to the "postat" target, we have at least 11
languages complete or nearly complete for release notes this time
around, several other partially done
<stickster> 6 locales done for IG too
<stickster> We are no longer setting _any_ bar for locales.  If they
make a PO file, we'll include them in the release notes package.
<stickster> If people in that locale use Fedora and read the relnotes,
they'll notice problems and either fix them or they won't.
<stickster> Did anyone have any major objections to this?  I asked on
list and really didn't receive anything other than "+1" votes
<vpv> as a translator, I'd say +1 as well
<EvilBob> I disagree with it, however I would let the majority go with it
<stickster> Yeah, I think all the translators were in favor
<stickster> (all those that had something to say at least)
<EvilBob> Naturally they are in favor
<stickster> Well, we should recognize their work, and an incomplete
translation is actually a motivator for some teams
<EvilBob> "Hey I can translate 2 paragraphs and get karma credit"
<stickster> As we go along some of these concepts get a little clearer
to me. I used to be against completed work, now I'm doing a better job
of recognizing the FOSS "release early, release often" philosophy
<stickster> s/against completed/against half-completed/
<stickster> jmbuser: Did you want to talk about the DUG status?
<jmbuser> stickster: KDE-SIG put out a shout for some KDE docs - I
seconded the motion
<jmbuser> stickster: There's been some nice encouraging words to help
out with the DUG, but no volunteers
<stickster> Have you reached out to any of the people who popped up on
f-docs-l recently with offers?
<jmbuser> stickster: I tried...
* jmbuser is not a motivational speaker
<stickster> You can lead the horse to water, but...
<stickster> Wow, and that's just wiki work.
<stickster> Well, if someone's not willing to help there, chances are
it's not worth chasing them down any longer.
<stickster> I will try and put in some work on the DUG after the
release happens this time.
<stickster> But as we've already noted, individuals don't scale well.
<jmbuser> I swear I'll work on the DUG - I really will
* jmbuser is serious, not kidding
<stickster> haha
<stickster> I know you'll be putting some time in, no worries
<jmbuser> There's been some good work on other guides, I've noticed
<stickster> Yeah, a lot of material going into admin guide
<stickster> couf_afk++
<stickster> OK, I really don't have much else, guys.
<stickster> I've been really busy with non-Fedora stuff this week, but
have been keeping up with the relnotes and IG stuff.
<stickster> jmtaylor: If you want, we can retire to #fedora-docs and
do some cross-training
<stickster> AOB?
<jmtaylor> stickster: sounds good
<jmbuser> +1
<stickster> OK, 5...
<stickster> 4...
<stickster> 3...
<stickster> 2...
<stickster> 1...
<stickster> </meeting>
* stickster has changed the topic to: Documentation -- Meeting Closed

John Babich
Volunteer, Fedora Documentation Project

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