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Re: The KDE-SIG needs (your) help

I've done steps until 5 at pointed URL.
I just cannot Introduce Myself through Wiki, It said on step five that I need to get someone who has Edit access to grant me edit access, so I can write my self introduction.

Are your sure I need to introduce myself to mailing list? Where should I sent it (the e-mail address,  fedora-trans-list redhat com)
Thanks for your help.
I really want to translate all software or documentation to Indonesia Language. Including KDE.
Because Fedora is gaining popularity here.

Indonesia is a large archipelago country. For now, from 200million people lives in Indonesia, only 4.2 million of them know computer. When computer comes to rest of them, I want them to know Fedora Linux, and in their own native language, so the will find that Linux is easy, friendly, usable, strong, etc.

Thanks, Linux for Life, VIVA LINUX!!!!

On 11/6/07, Karsten Wade < kwade redhat com> wrote:
On Mon, 2007-11-05 at 21:43 +0700, Antoni Ridzki Andromeda wrote:

> I need your help, I've just apllied for fedora account, I got it, but
> in order to use it I need (if correct) to introduce myself to forum
> thorugh wiki, the problem is I can't enter to freenode at irc, this in
> turn, makes me unable to contact anyone within edit group. So, I
> cannot introduce myself.
> Please help me, I cannot connect to freenode, so please help me to
> gain edit previledge at wiki, so I can introduce myself, and I can
> help fedora project in translating software and documents to
> Indonesian Language.

Self introductions happens on mailing lists, not on IRC.  You can just
follow the directions to introduce yourself to the appropriate mailing
list.  I think that list for you is fedora-trans-list, yes?

Did you need wiki access for translating?  That is usually handled
through a Fedora account:


Have you done all the steps up to 5?

I think I see the flaw there -- to get added EditGroup you need someone
to know who you are.  Maybe the step "Introduce yourself" needs to
appear earlier?

I recommend you introduce yourself to your mailing list, and in that
intro ask someone to add you to the wiki EditGroup.

- Karsten
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