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Re: Administration Guide - general maintenance

Hi all.

I've done few of these pages


linking from them is now more consistent.

What is the story with SELinux docs? There are two related structures in
the wiki:


The latter one is 'published' document, according to


Should we look at:

1] merging the two
2] adding them to AdminGuide draft
3] unlinking published doc from draft AdminGuide
4] doing something else
5] doing nothing?


Vladimir Kosovac wrote:
> All, I was going to do a bit of mop-up on AdminGuide pages, fix broken
> links, stuff like that. Before I go and change a bunch of this stuff,
> one question:
> Are the links to particular modules on this page:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/AdministrationGuide/Contributors
> supposed to point to draft docs or something else, that will eventually
> become available in the wiki root / published docs section? Content of
> that table needs better alignment with the intro page / actual written
> draft content, so I'll do that too. Then, all the contributors can use
> the table again to self-assign tasks they wish to pick.
> That OK?
> Cheers, Vladimir

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