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Self-Introduction: Malcolm Jacobson

Hi all,

My name is Malcolm Jacobson and I work as a Technical Writer in Brisbane, Australia. I have come to this list because I am trying to find out if it is possible to contribute to Fedora documentation on an ad-hoc basis. If I'm not in the right place I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction.

My first exposure to Linux was around 2001 (Red Hat Linux 7, I think) when the boss of the company I was working for retrenched all of our programmers and IT staff, then told me that "administering the Sendmail server is now part of your job". Imagine my joy. Since then I've experimented with various flavours of Linux, with the most recent being Ubuntu and Fedora, which brought me here.

During the installation of Fedora 8 I encountered a problem with the DNS settings I wanted to use. I read through all of the "Network Administration Tool" Help and asked a few questions on forums but couldn't resolve the issue, so I ended up posting a BugZilla report. Thanks to the incredibly helpful Harald Hoyer I found out that the fix was a simple matter of clearing a particular check box that is enabled by default. This check box isn't covered in the Network Administration Tool Help, so I thought I'd quickly update it so the next person who encountered the same problem didn't clog up BugZilla with another "notabug" report. Unfortunately, after several days searching, I can't locate the repository for this Help and I can't work out how to contribute updates to a single topic.

Is there some sort of Wiki available where people can upload/update documentation that will be included in the next release of Fedora?

Is it possible to contribute on an ad-hoc basis (e.g. a single topic), or are you only allowed to contribute if you become part of a larger project?

Unfortunately I don't have the spare time to become involved in any projects, but I would like to contribute what I can, when I can, if there is mechanism to do this.



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