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The Great Content Migration

(sent to both docs and websites, though not cross posted)

Now that F8 shipped and F9 is on the horizon, its time to look at moving some more of that content out of the wiki and either into docs.fedoraproject.org and fedoraproject.org. This won't be a fun task.

Pros: 1) We'll have more control and process around the content that goes to these sites. This allows us to make it more 'official'. 2) It will be more easily translatable. 3) Less reliance on Moin

1) It raises the barrier to create these pages
2) It adds more process
3) Its difficult to determine what content belongs where.

I've created an initial http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Websites/Removables page for stuff thats in the wiki that is a good candidate for the static content. The trick here is that, and lets be honest, much of what is on the wiki right now is garbage. This is especially true with regards to our end users. I think focus on fp.o should be on consolidation. Users have short attention spans, so less is more. If we find the need to have a higher-detail document, it should probably be in the docs realm and use its processes.

What do you guys think?


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