FDSCo Meeting 2007-10-21 Summary

Bart Couvreur couf at skynet.be
Sun Oct 21 18:50:41 UTC 2007

Bart Couvreur
Paul W. Frields
Bob Jensen
Karsten Wade


      * In response to the Unity respin docs and howto's:
        We're willing to take in documentation of all sorts as long as
        we have a guarantee that the doc will have a maintainer. We
        encourage docs to follow our standards to make a transition
        easier. It's also good to check the topics and see if they fit
        in with the DUG and the AG, so we don't have overlap with our
        own docs.
        TODO: get the discussion going so we can take a final decision
        next week
      * Bart is going to do some research on the "we've always
        wanted"-knowledge base, tracking down all resources on the
        subject to get this implemented

      * Release notes: PO files due tomorrow (22. Oct), Paul will follow
        up with rel-eng.

      * We've got a lot of open bugs (103), most of them concerning old
        and/or outdated docs. Time for some triaging.

      * Maintaining of docs needs to be tied to the Fedora release
        process. (EOL = approx. 13 months after release). It would be
        great if contributors would step up to maintain some of these

Next meeting:

Sun 28 Oct, 17:00 UTC
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