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On Sat, 2008-04-05 at 09:59 +0800, Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:

> I would make the point about date and time issues that people consider
> who should be there and who shouldn't.  
> I mean if the average docs user should be present maybe change the day
> to a weekend if we can. 11am on Friday would mean I would be at work
> so
> I can't be there.  If I don't need to be there then it's all good :)

This is a good point to consider for those of us paid by RHT to be
present at the meeting.  When we have meetings scheduled to happen
during business hours, we unconsciously exclude the non- at

In the end, we all get inconvenienced to some degree.  My default over
the years has been to take the inconvenience on myself and others who
are here because of their $dayjob.[1]

Sadly, this is actually the hardest with folks in Oz.  Business hours in
the States are almost exactly the opposite of those in Australia, so
either people in the US have to attend during "work hours", or


* Hold two meetings:
  - one that lands in Aus/Singapore/other APAC working hours but is
after hours in the US/EMEA
  - one that lands in the before/after hours for APAC but is in the
work-hours for the US/EMEA

* Seek a 'perfect time' for each meeting using a time matrix

- Karsten
[1] Easier and less risky than teaching people to tunnel IRC over ports
80 or 42
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