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Fri Apr 4 03:03:08 UTC 2008

After the dust settles from the Fedora 9 release, around the week of
5th-9th May, we should try and set up a Docs toolchain group to assess
what work needs to be done with our toolchain:

1. Fix lingering problems
2. Make enhancements for usability
3. Integrate publican
4. Other?

Can we set up a weekly meeting on IRC Freenode (#fedora-docs) on a
weeknight (Sunday-Thursday) so that we can involve the Red Hat Docs
people in Brisbane?  I've been doing a weekly phone call with that
group, but this would be a good way to move that conversation into
community space where it rightly belongs.  Relaying messages is really
inefficient, and this gives the Docs team at Red Hat a good introduction
to our toolchain, and lets them participate in integrating publican.
This would be equivalent to the way the rest of Red Hat's engineers and
developers work with the community and would lead to renewed bonds and

I'll obviously participate since I have pretty good knowledge of our
tools, but that knowledge needs to leave my head and get into a lot of
others.  Mainly that's because I'm no longer able to spend the time on
this work that it deserves.

Who's up for helping?  I promise if I can learn this stuff, you can too.
It would be great to see some other contributors besides the people
already carrying substantial load.  If you can run shell commands, you
can understand our tool set.

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