Docs toolchain

Jared Smith jaredsmith at
Fri Apr 4 15:37:25 UTC 2008

On Thu, 2008-04-03 at 23:03 -0400, Paul W. Frields wrote:
> After the dust settles from the Fedora 9 release, around the week of
> 5th-9th May, we should try and set up a Docs toolchain group to assess
> what work needs to be done with our toolchain:

I'd love to be part of this group... and if my luck holds out, I'll
actually be home that week instead of on the road as I previously

> Can we set up a weekly meeting on IRC Freenode (#fedora-docs) on a
> weeknight (Sunday-Thursday) so that we can involve the Red Hat Docs
> people in Brisbane?  

Sounds good to me.


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