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Tue Apr 15 01:40:45 UTC 2008

On Mon, Apr 14, 2008 at 01:10:22PM +1000, ryan lerch wrote:
> Full Name:
> Ryan John Lerch
> Location:
> Brisbane, Australia (UTC+10)
> Personal Goals for Fedora Docs:
> My motivation for joining the fedora docs team is to learn more about
> fedora, tech writing and documentation toolchaining while being able to give
> something back to the community. However, I am a little unsure how I would
> like to (or can) contribute to the fedora-docs project. The first area that
> jumps out at me is the Desktop User Guide (?Fedora User Guide?)

Hi Ryan!  We're overjoyed you could join us.  The User Guide is a
great place to start working.  I think there are some areas that still
need wordsmithing and checking.  We do have a Style Guide that we use
for keeping a consistent voice:

So if you wanted to look through that, you could try to match the
voice of some of the un-edited chapters/pages with the ones that are
already done.  There is a Fedora 8 branch and a Fedora 9 branch so you
could either work on the known quantity (F8) or the next-generation

> Historical qualifications:
> Other projects that I help out on are Inkscape ( and
> The openclipart library ( Over at Inkscape, I help
> out with writing docs and tutorials, bug triaging and responding to the
> question tracker. I finished my Bachelor of Information Technology majoring
> in Software Engineering and Multimedia in 2003. I'm a fairly new fedora user
> (< 12 months) so I hope i can provide an insight for other new users after
> making the switch to a free and open source operating system.

Ooo, an art guy!  Hopefully you've already found the Artwork Project,
too, then.  I know your Brisbane location makes it harder to hook up
with USA folks dueo the timezone difference.  But if you're boggled by
where to start, drop by IRC Freenode ( at channel
#fedora-docs and we'll be happy to help get you started.

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