Self Introduction: Adam D. Ligas

Adam D. Ligas adam at
Fri Apr 18 08:17:28 UTC 2008

Hey All,

I'm not exactly sure how this is supposed to go, so I'll go bullet-point
style based on the wiki layout.  I apologize in advance for this being a
tad long.

Legal Name: Adam D. Ligas
Location: Kensington, CT, USA
Profession: IT App/Sys Admin
Affiliation: Personal/Self (Not here officially for my employer)
IRC Nick: Agnt86 (freenode registered)


My overall goal is to contribute to the Fedora project where I can with
the end result being an overall better experience for new and veteran
Fedora users.  I hope to contribute to this by creating new
documentation where I can, and cleaning up existing documentation.  

I find I am generally able to construct decent "HowTo" or "Tutorial"
documents.  My mother is a teacher, so I blame her for this
ability :).  

I contacted Eric Christensen prior to setting myself up here, and
submitted a first cut of a small addition to the CryptoGuide.  It
basically goes over using encrypted 7-Zip archives as an easy "portable"
encryption solution.  I still want to polish it and dress it up for the
wiki, but I think its a good example of my work.

I also find I can be good at catching "little" things in existing
documentation - like how the "SelfIntroduction" wiki page references a
totally different PGP keyserver then the "CreatingKeys" page.  I have no
idea where this ability comes from, so Mom's off the hook here :). 

Previous to this I've been somewhat "involved" with the Fedora project.
I've had a bugzilla account for a long time, and have submitted some bug
reports over the years.  Its not much, but it was a start.

Historical Qualifications:

Most of my written work is for my employer, so its not available for
review.  I work for a large health insurance company, and although FOSS
is growing inside the establishment, the whole idea is somewhat "new"
for them given how closed/protected/proprietary the rest of the business
and data is.  Hopefully the 7-Zip guide gives folks an idea of my

I'm pretty advanced computer skills wise.  I feel I have a fairly broad
knowledge of computers in general, and am quick to pick up on new

I'm not much of a programmer, though I can struggle through a few
languages if I really want/need to do something.  I'm a pretty handy IT
"translator".  I find I can be an effective bridge for end users to
programmers/designers.  I also have experience with human factors

I've been a long time Red Hat/Fedora user (since RH6) and would like to
"give back" to the community I've gotten so much from.  I think this
blends well with some of the main Fedora Project goals, like working
upstream as much as possible.  Fedora strives to "Do the right thing",
and so do I.

GPG Stuff:
[agent86 at Q ~]$ gpg --fingerprint 77472A90
pub   1024D/77472A90 2008-04-18
    Key fingerprint = 63BF A2D9 B727 53C6 E88B  FE9E 396A CD0A 7747 2A90
uid   Adam D. Ligas (All Around Nice Guy) <adam at>
sub   2048g/0176D7DF 2008-04-18

I believe I've completed all the sign-up steps, so hopefully this gets
me going in the right direction.  I look forward to hopping on IRC over
the next few days and meeting whomever happens to be around.  Of course,
I'll be monitoring this list as well.

Thanks for your time!

- Adam

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