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Fri Apr 18 12:22:17 UTC 2008

On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 04:17:28AM -0400, Adam D. Ligas wrote:
> I find I am generally able to construct decent "HowTo" or "Tutorial"
> documents.  My mother is a teacher, so I blame her for this
> ability :).  

We'll find some way to thank her. :-)

> I contacted Eric Christensen prior to setting myself up here, and
> submitted a first cut of a small addition to the CryptoGuide.  It
> basically goes over using encrypted 7-Zip archives as an easy "portable"
> encryption solution.  I still want to polish it and dress it up for the
> wiki, but I think its a good example of my work.

Very good draft.  You may find our StyleGuide useful for matching the
voice of this page to other official FDP work:

> I also find I can be good at catching "little" things in existing
> documentation - like how the "SelfIntroduction" wiki page references a
> totally different PGP keyserver then the "CreatingKeys" page.  I have no
> idea where this ability comes from, so Mom's off the hook here :). 

That's a good skill to have around these parts.  We need more writers
and editors in general.  If you're able to be around during a workday
at all, stop by IRC Freenode at #fedora-docs and introduce yourself
there.  We need some help wordsmithing the Desktop User Guide -- two
different releases, in fact, for F8 and F9 -- so that may be a good
way to get started.  Right now it only involves wiki editing IIRC.

> Thanks for your time!

Thanks for volunteering yours! :-)

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