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FDSCo Meeting 2008-08-20 Summary

Remove this line, then fill in date above along with other details below



1. Beta one sheet must be ready by 01 September


HELP -- someone in Docs to write the Beta release announcement

HELP -- tell everyone you know :) that the Beta relnotes needs their content
* Blog posts
* IRC/f2f
* mailing lists

Beta gets higher attention levels
* What do you want tested?
* What works?
* What is broken?
* How to work around stuff
* etc.

Some pointers: http://iquaid.org/2008/07/21/lets-talk-about-release-notes-shall-we/

2. Then we worked on the summary and tasks from last week

Dave (ke4qqq) worked on Help:Wiki_structure.

Karsten (quaid) worked on tasks, summaries, and IRC logs.

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