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Writing teams

To make our lives sane, this project needs to work only on content
that people are actually committed to doing.  In other words, there
are no release notes unless people want to write them.

First step is getting a lead writer for each document.  If no one is
willing to lead, then we need to drop that guide from our production
list for Fedora 11.

Here is the list:


Once there is a lead, that person needs to work with all of us on
recruiting.  That person should *not* expect to do all the work, and
in fact doesn't even need to be a good writer or editor; this is more
project management work.

If a team wants to act as a collective without a formal lead, that
team needs to put together a plan that will work, then bring it here
for discussion/approval/etc.

A single person can lead more than one guide, just be aware of the

- Karsten
Karsten 'quaid' Wade, Community Gardener

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