FDSCo Meeting 2008-02-05 IRC log

Karsten 'quaid' Wade kwade at redhat.com
Wed Feb 6 19:31:25 UTC 2008

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13:01 < quaid> <meeting>
13:01 -!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo meeting - greetings and role call
13:02 < quaid> well, I'm here
13:02  * EvilBob Bobjensen
13:04 < EvilBob> Do we have an agenda?
13:04 < quaid> well, sort of
13:04 < quaid> we have what we had last week
13:04 < quaid> I was lookig on list for anything new, and there isn't
13:04 < quaid> I think we'll have a quick meeting :)
13:04 < EvilBob> OK
13:05 < quaid> ok, so ...
13:05 -!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo - one summary
13:05  * couf here
13:05 < EvilBob> I have an update for the install guide also
13:05 < quaid> so, renamed SingleSummary
13:05 < quaid> and work still needs to happen to figure out what belongs where
13:06 < quaid> JonRob is doing a good job with it
13:06 < quaid> anything else on that?
13:06 -!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo - content status update
13:06 < couf> one small thing
13:06 < quaid> couf: go ahead
13:06 < couf> is this Docs-owned or Marketing?
13:07 -!- stickster is now known as stickster_afk
13:07 < quaid> ~yes
13:07 < EvilBob> LOL
13:07 < quaid> couf: I think we need to both own the content, and wrangle it together
13:07  * couf not 100% up2date on that
13:07 < couf> right
13:08 < quaid> we'll get it figured out soon, I reckon, and on list
13:08 < quaid> EvilBob: go head with IG
13:08 < EvilBob> this is different than the one sheet release note, correct?
13:08 < quaid> yes
13:08 < quaid> but
13:08 < EvilBob> K
13:09 < quaid> we can pull from the SingleSummary to populate the top parts of the one-sheet, conceivably
13:09 < quaid> (if useful, etc.)
13:09 < quaid> EvilBob: IG?
13:10 < EvilBob> I am meeting with Paul on thursday evening, going to get going on the IG, I have recruited two helpers that do a majority of the installs in the fedora unity re-spin testing process
13:10 < EvilBob> So I will maybe need some CVS and docbook help in the comign weeks
13:10 < quaid> are you and Paul going to consider additions/enhancements to the IG?  other than whatever changes come from anaconda
13:10 < EvilBob> coming
13:10 < EvilBob> quaid: exacty
13:11 < EvilBob> quaid: there are some areas that need more info to flesh the doc out
13:11 < quaid> do you know yet what F9 release or date we are targetting the IG beta for?
13:11 < couf> superb
13:11 < quaid> or is that after THur?
13:12 < EvilBob> after thursday
13:12 < EvilBob> I have not had a chance to look at that yet
13:12 < quaid> ok; can you make sure poelcat sees that info?  presumably emailing the list should do it
13:12 < EvilBob> Yup
13:13 < quaid> ok; other IG stuffs?
13:13 < EvilBob> nope
13:14 -!- chased [n=themis at athedsl-341053.home.otenet.gr] has joined #fedora-meeting
13:14 < quaid> ok
13:14 < quaid> relnotes one-sheet for Fedora 9 Alpha
13:14 < quaid> went out today
13:15 < quaid> kudos to mether and jonrob for teaming up to get that one together; I had a few edits this morning
13:15 < couf> ++
13:15 < quaid> although the wiki is having problems over the last few hours, it sounds as if it is not because of overt hammering of that page
13:15 < quaid> however, we need to include a ~12 hour ahead step next time to convert to a static page and link everywhere to there
13:16 < quaid> else?
13:16 < poelcat> what do I need to see?
13:16 < EvilBob> poelcat: our schedule for the install guide
13:17 < couf> DUG and AG are quite silent atm, but trying to get up to speed with everything right now
13:17 < EvilBob> poelcat: I will email you once I have a chance to look at the calendar
13:17 < poelcat> EvilBob: gotcha
13:17 < couf> got some more time on hands now, so it could be ready pretty quick
13:20 < EvilBob> next?
13:20 < quaid> couf: sorry if I got lost in this; are many of the wiki pages ready for "final before conversion" edits?
13:20 < quaid> As for the Software Management Guide (SMG):
13:20 < quaid> 1. Sparks has asked for input on list; gotten any from anywhere?
13:21 < quaid> 2. I was looking at how to change the bugzilla component but haven't gotten it figured yet
13:22  * quaid looks at that #2 whilst 1 is discussed
13:22 < couf> quaid: from what I've seen, it still needs some work, but it's almost at that point
13:22 < couf> some pages are pre-conv edit ready
13:22 < quaid> and are marked, right?
13:22 < couf> yep
13:23 < quaid> we can put out some pressure to edit; I'd like more people watching so e.g. Paul and I are passing along skills and tips
13:23 < couf> I'll send a list to the list
13:23 < quaid> cool
13:23 < quaid> that's a good idea; we can divide and conquer a bit more that way
13:24 < couf> yep
13:25 < quaid> ok, I'll work on the smg bz component separately
13:25 < quaid> it does bring up one point, we could use more makefile, scripting, tooling, and CVS admin expertise
13:25 < quaid> ok, and Crypto Guide ...
13:26 < quaid> Sparks: did you update that one for the new Anaconda features?
13:28 < quaid> ok ...
13:28 < quaid> we'll get updates on list for those
13:28 -!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: FDSCo -- AOB
13:29 < quaid> I don't think we can chat about meeting times, and we have to plead "transition time" for not being able to handle the FDSCo chair elections
13:29 < EvilBob> Leadership
13:29 < quaid> (also, a lack of enough people)
13:29 < quaid> yeah, that stuff
13:29 < EvilBob> yup
13:29 < couf> we really need to get that sorted out
13:30 < EvilBob> OK next week new time or same time?
13:30 < couf> I know this time really isn't good for jmbuser, the rest is fine iirc
13:30 < EvilBob> do we want to take the meeting time issue to the list and decide there?
13:30 -!- vnk_fd [n=v-n-k at 60-234-169-11.bitstream.orcon.net.nz] has joined #fedora-meeting
13:31 < quaid> couf: problem is ... we don'
13:31 < quaid> t know what time is good for jmbuser
13:32  * EvilBob avoids saying "send the question to the list as spam so he will see it"
13:32 < couf> right, so we should get him to fill in the table, he's back in middle east right?
13:32 < couf> EvilBob: don't get me started
13:32 < EvilBob> I am so Evil...
13:33 -!- loupgaroublond [n=yankee at pool-71-182-187-11.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #fedora-meeting
13:34 < quaid> but so far I don't see a time that is good for everyone
13:34 < quaid> maybe stickster_afk can redo his part now
13:35 < couf> so can we settle this by next week on-list?
13:36 -!- loupgaroublond [n=yankee at pool-71-182-187-11.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has quit [Client Quit]
13:37 -!- loupgaroublond [n=yankee at pool-71-182-187-11.pitbpa.east.verizon.net] has joined #fedora-meeting
13:38 < EvilBob> I think so
13:41 -!- tibbs [n=tibbs at fedora/tibbs] has quit ["Konversation terminated!"]
13:41 < EvilBob> </meeting>?
13:41 < couf> +1
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