Single Sourced Summary

Jonathan Roberts at
Wed Feb 6 21:42:35 UTC 2008

Hey all,

We're going to try something new for the various release
notes/summaries/overviews and see how we go. The plan, and excuse me
if I get any details wrong, looks like this:

[NB: the big misconception here, I've had it too!!, is that the
SingleSourceSummary is not meant to be read from start to finish, but
to increase co-ordination in working on these separate docs so we
don't duplicate effort]

Create a wiki page /Releases/SingleSourceSummary

Flesh out that page with sections for:

a) Press Release style summary
b) Detailed Overview covering all features on /Releases/#/FeatureList
either alphabetically or by coolness (latter is debatable as to how we
would decide this!). This content is intended to be similar to the
Alpha release notes, but with more!
c) Technical Summary - brief but aimed at tech journalists
d) Detailed Technical Summary - detailed and aimed at geeks, similar
to release notes content now.

This can then be split out by Include() to create targeted documents,
such as press release, cool hip friendly marketing, release notes
detailing technical changes etc...
We'll then keep developing this page throughout the release cycle, and
before each milestone (beta next) tidy up and make static versions of
split docs so not to kill wiki.

The idea is that by developing all this in one location we won't
duplicate any work - we can see what is done and what's not done. Does
this make sense?

I'm planning on beginning to flesh out the structure of the page this
coming week but dive in ahead of me if you like!

Best wishes all,


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