toolchain for F9

Marc Wiriadisastra marc at
Fri Feb 22 09:57:52 UTC 2008

Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
> While all this toolchain talk is in the air ...
> We've got several major activities going on that are relying upon our
> current-and-working toolchain:
> * Release notes need to build properly by 16 March[1]
> * Updates to existing guides (IG, SMG) by mid-March[2]
> * New guides going into Beta in March (DUG, AG)
> Beyond being confident the guides can build cleanly, which Jared has
> demonstrated in the one case, we need to know that they can match
> whatever MUST list we put together.  Some SHOULD items are OK, too.
> For starters:
> * Must be possible to go from Wiki to usable XML with similar
> process/hassle as current pathway
> * Must be able to pull book from CVS and build in Fedora 8 and Fedora 9
> tests (Alpha, Beta, RC, Sulphur)
>   - follows the tradition of not requiring docs tools to work for Fedora
> N-1
> * Should be able to build in Fedora 7
> * Must produce PO files that are line-for-line identical to the one
> produced in the last version
>   - this is to minimize re-translation or having to re-check already
> translated strings on content that is already translated (IG, Relnotes)
> * Must process PO and POT so as to not put a burden on translation and
> Transifex (line-for-line identical or close enough)
> * Must be usable by Release Engineering in composing the build
> * Must be hostable by Fedora Infrastructure for Docs, L10n, or RelEng
> build systems
> * Must have a reliable upstream, should be relied upon for at least 12
> months
> * Must have a packager who affirms to maintain the package, should be
> affirmed for at least 12 months
> * Should build RPMs that match the RPM capability of /cvs/docs
>   - need to list these out
> Anything else?
> - Karsten
> [1]
> [2] Jared has the SMG building in publican but we haven't run it against
> any kind of checklist for completion

I would love to be able to transfer to xml as in know how to transfer to 
xml so I can actually work on the DuG. It's at the stage were it is edit 
ready so the reason why there hasn't been any discussion is because I 
have no idea of how to proceed from now.

I'm not trying to steal this post btw it just links in :)



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