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Re: toolchain for F9

Karsten 'quaid' Wade wrote:
While all this toolchain talk is in the air ...

We've got several major activities going on that are relying upon our
current-and-working toolchain:

* Release notes need to build properly by 16 March[1]
* Updates to existing guides (IG, SMG) by mid-March[2]
* New guides going into Beta in March (DUG, AG)

Beyond being confident the guides can build cleanly, which Jared has
demonstrated in the one case, we need to know that they can match
whatever MUST list we put together.  Some SHOULD items are OK, too.

For starters:

* Must be possible to go from Wiki to usable XML with similar
process/hassle as current pathway

* Must be able to pull book from CVS and build in Fedora 8 and Fedora 9
tests (Alpha, Beta, RC, Sulphur)
  - follows the tradition of not requiring docs tools to work for Fedora

* Should be able to build in Fedora 7

* Must produce PO files that are line-for-line identical to the one
produced in the last version
  - this is to minimize re-translation or having to re-check already
translated strings on content that is already translated (IG, Relnotes)

* Must process PO and POT so as to not put a burden on translation and
Transifex (line-for-line identical or close enough)

* Must be usable by Release Engineering in composing the build

* Must be hostable by Fedora Infrastructure for Docs, L10n, or RelEng
build systems

* Must have a reliable upstream, should be relied upon for at least 12

* Must have a packager who affirms to maintain the package, should be
affirmed for at least 12 months

* Should build RPMs that match the RPM capability of /cvs/docs
  - need to list these out

Anything else?

- Karsten

[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DocsProject/Schedule
[2] Jared has the SMG building in publican but we haven't run it against
any kind of checklist for completion

I would love to be able to transfer to xml as in know how to transfer to xml so I can actually work on the DuG. It's at the stage were it is edit ready so the reason why there hasn't been any discussion is because I have no idea of how to proceed from now.

I'm not trying to steal this post btw it just links in :)



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