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Fri Feb 22 22:58:10 UTC 2008

On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 10:40 -0500, Jared Smith wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 18:57 +0900, Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
> > I would love to be able to transfer to xml as in know how to transfer to 
> > xml so I can actually work on the DuG. It's at the stage were it is edit 
> > ready so the reason why there hasn't been any discussion is because I 
> > have no idea of how to proceed from now.

Likely we should do one Big Edit in the wiki, for style and grammar and

Can one of the DuG people make a wiki page with:

Chapter :: Status :: Editor

... then those of us who want to/can edit put your names by some
chapters and proceed to edit in the wiki.  Edit goals are:

* Wordsmith
* Stylesmith
* Formatting consistency and choices for XML conversion

> I'd be happy to help people transition docs from the Wiki to XML.  But
> before I do another doc, I'd really like some feedback from the more
> experienced people on the team on the job I did with the Software
> Management Guide.  Was everybody OK with the translation from wiki
> markup to DocBook?  Is there something I missed?  Please give me
> feedback!

Know what I've been waiting for?  The CVS module and bugzilla component.
Let's commit into CVS, then I can check it out, do edits and comments,
and it's all in the record, etc.

- Karsten
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