DUG + AdminGuide release, update

Vladimir Kosovac vnk at mkc.co.nz
Sat Jan 19 22:03:27 UTC 2008


few of us had a meeting over on irc and have agreed on a few things:

1] DUG looks good[1] (GNOME)
2] DUG (KDE) almost as good - may need some attention depending on what 
KDE release goes in F9
3] New placeholder for AG conversion is


However, listed pages are still edited in their 'old' location:


As agreed, I have cleaned the AG of stuff that will not be included. 
Pages that had content are now in Docs/Drafts and the references to 
those that were empty are removed.

The core group of 3-4 people have committed to early March completion of 
the AG, more hands on deck are more than welcome.

[1] - ready for wordsmithing / format fixing


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