one summary to rule them all

Jonathan Roberts at
Wed Jan 23 19:12:55 UTC 2008

Hey :)

> Do we want to invite those people to instead add their enhancements to
> canonical summary?  Then cross-link back in to that namespace?
> We can use clever [[Include()]] statements that draw only specific
> parts, so each 'mirror' of the canonical summary can show the most
> appropriate fragment.

Ah I think this is a super cool idea :)
> Anyone interested in doing this work? 

I might - next week at any rate.

>  It involves:
> * Working out a single canonical location from amongst the several
>   - Releases/#/ReleaseSummary
>   - Docs/Beats/OverView

Ummm...what's the difference between these two anyway? Is it possible to
put an end to one of them?

>   - Press release needs (more lightweight)

This is perhaps going to need refinement seperate from the general
"Release Summary" anyway - isn't it?

> * Define a format for that page so that it can be fragmented (if needed)
> for different summaries
> * Write up a process for jamming all that together
> * Publicize/evangelize

All sounds good to me - I'd love to help out some how with this. Also, I
don't know if anybody's noticed, but I thought the KDE people did a
great job with their release stuff and thought we could learn from them
a bit. Nice tour, press releases etc.


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