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Re: one summary to rule them all


> > > * Working out a single canonical location from amongst the several
> > >   - Releases/#/ReleaseSummary
> > >   - Docs/Beats/OverView
> > 
> > Ummm...what's the difference between these two anyway? Is it possible to
> > put an end to one of them?
> The OverView is the one that appears in the release notes.
> But you have hit the proverbial nail; we want to make them the same
> thing, really, to reduce work and increase consistency.

OK, I've just taken a quick look at this and it seems like the content
in each of these is actually quite different :S While they're covering
the same material, the ReleaseSummary has got more images etc, along
with longer descriptions and more links. If you were wanting to use one
source for the Release Notes as well, would the images and extra links
need stripping out? 

I personally feel that it would be better going under the
Release/#/ReleaseSummary as it seems a slightly more logical place to
look for me - but I think where ever it goes is just going to be an
arbitrary decision?
> > >   - Press release needs (more lightweight)
> > 
> > This is perhaps going to need refinement seperate from the general
> > "Release Summary" anyway - isn't it?
> I was sort-of hoping that we might have an "overview" in the summary
> that is good enough as-is for a press release, press kit, etc.

I just took a look at some press releases around the net and they all
definitely take a different approach to the ReleaseSummary or the
OverView - maybe this isn't necessarily a bad thing...

Personally, with respect to making an all purpose document that serves
both the press and the community (be it existing Fedora users or
interestesed open source/free software users), I feel that the
ReleaseSummary is perhaps heading in a better direction as it seems more
"engaging" to me. 

I may have missed the boat entirely here!


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