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I have been meaning to get more involved with fedoraproject for a while and
I have been lurking here on the docs list for a few weeks now. I was
struggling a little to figure out how this project worked but then I rescued
about 50 messages from my spam folder and it is now starting to make more
sense :)

I have been a contract instructor for Red Hat since 2000 and involved in
network operating system support and training since 1992 (and *nix user even
longer). I have contributed to Red Hat course materials including general
bug reports, testing updated labs, helping to update the online training
from RHEL3 to RHEL4, and providing content for the first release of Red Hat
Academy materials.

The Red Hat Academy project involved working with DocBook.
I have taught and used cvs, seen subversion, and am sure I can figure out
git relatively quickly.
I am not as versed in wiki and irc etiquette and usage but I have been
poking around and reading some of the intro and FAQ docs and of course I
have had plenty of experience with mailing lists and AIM.

And for all that I use and recommend opensource, this is the first project I
have actually joined (better late then never I guess).

I am interested in all things related to learning and teaching -
documentation, corporate training, university settings, and youngsters too.

I am also lurking on the OLPC list and as a longer term goal, I would like
to learn more about packaging.


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