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Re: Problem with XML

Hi Jason and Eric,

On Thu, Jan 01, 2009 at 04:09:11PM -0500, Jason Taylor wrote:
> On Thu, 2009-01-01 at 10:24 -0500, Eric Christensen wrote:
> > Hash: SHA1
> > 
> > Yesterday on the train, I converted part of the "Using GPG" portion of
> > the Security Guide.  I get an error when I try to "make" the book now.
> > 
> > The error is:
> > 
> > junk after document element at line 11, column 0, byte 739:
> >   </para>
> > </section>
> > <section
> > id="sect-Security_Guide-Encryption-Using_GPG-Creating_GPG_Keys_in_GNOME">
> > ^
> >   <title>Creating GPG Keys in GNOME</title>
> >   <para>
> >  at
> > /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.10.0/i386-linux-thread-multi/XML/Parser.pm
> > line 187
> > make: *** [xml-en-US] Error 4
> > 
> > 
> > I've compared the file to other files that I have and I can't see any
> > differences.  Does anyone have any ideas?

Could this be a size limit to the @id attribute?  I don't think these
values are supposed to exceed 64 characters, and even that seems
extraordinarily long so I'd recommend shortening this to see what happens.

> Sorry it took a while to reply. Attached is my patch, it shouts about
> the <pre> tag being possibly broken but completes and builds clean on my
> box.
> -Jason

Some comments below...

> Index: en-US/Using_GPG.wiki
> ===================================================================
> --- en-US/Using_GPG.wiki	(revision 18)
> +++ en-US/Using_GPG.wiki	(working copy)
> @@ -2,14 +2,17 @@
>  <!DOCTYPE chapter PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.5//EN" "http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/4.5/docbookx.dtd"; [
>  ]>
> +<chapter id="Encryption_Using_GPG">
> +<title>Encryption Using GPG</title>
> +
>  <section id="sect-Security_Guide-Encryption-Using_GPG">
>    <title>Using GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG)</title>
>    <para>
>      GPG is used to identify yourself and authenticate your communications, including those with people you don't know. GPG allows anyone reading a GPG-signed email to verify its authenticity.  In other words, GPG allows someone to be reasonably certain that communications signed by you actually are from you.  GPG is useful because it helps prevent third parties from altering code or intercepting conversations and altering the message.
>    </para>
>  </section>
> -<section id="sect-Security_Guide-Encryption-Using_GPG-Creating_GPG_Keys_in_GNOME">
> -  <title>Creating GPG Keys in GNOME</title>
> +<section id="sect-Security_Guide-Encryption-Using_GPG-Creating_Keys_in_GNOME">
> + <title>Creating GPG Keys in GNOME</title>

I note this brings the character count for the @id attribute below
64... hm.

>    <para>
>      Install the Seahorse utility, which makes GPG key management easier.  From the main menu, select <code>System > Administration > Add/Remove Software</code> and wait for PackageKit to start.  Enter <code>Seahorse</code> into the text box and select the Find.  Select the checkbox next to the ''seahorse'' package and select ''Apply'' to add the software.  You can also install '''Seahorse''' at the command line with the command <code>su -c "yum install seahorse"</code>.
>    </para>
> @@ -105,17 +108,16 @@
>    <para>
>      Finally, <code>gpg</code> generates random data to make your key as unique as possible.  Move your mouse, type random keys, or perform other tasks on the system during this step to speed up the process.  Once this step is finished, your keys are complete and ready to use:
>  <pre>
> -pub  1024D/1B2AFA1C 2005-03-31 John Q. Doe (Fedora Docs Project) <jqdoe example com>
> +pub  1024D/1B2AFA1C 2005-03-31 John Q. Doe (Fedora Docs Project) jqdoe example com

You shouldn't eliminate the < and > characters as such, because that's
what the user will see.  In a parsed area like this you must represent
them with &lt; and &gt; to avoid them being interpreted as delimiters
for an element tag.

I'd also recommend substituting something more appropriate than <pre>
here, like this:

<screen><computeroutput>content line 1
content line 2
content line 3</computeroutput></screen>

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