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Re: User Guide status?

As of Friday, I have converted the available pieces of the Users Guide to
Docbook XML.  I don't know where to upload the files so I still have them.
I created a PDF of the users guide and sent a copy out to the group on
Friday (or Saturday).

When other pieces are completed I will convert those as well.  The
conversion process is pretty smooth now - only occasional minor

I used the standard Docbook XSLT's to create the PDF - it would probably
be worthwhile to run the file through Publican (I don't know where a
copy of that stylesheet resides).


<quote who="susan_lists ties org">
> Matthew, Betty, et al
> What is the status of the user's guide?
> I wanted to help more but I haven't gotten a FC9 box put together to run
> through fact checking for you. :(
> I would like to contribute to the FC10 version though - specifically I
> would
> like to expand on Managing Photos
> to include some screen shots and reference some other included software
> and
> options.
> Will that be done in the wiki?  Or straight in XML from a git repo?
> I'm good with either - just let me know where the FC10 version is located
> as
> soon as you get it moved over.
> -Susan
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> Susan Lauber, (RHCX, RHCA, RHCSS)
> Lauber System Solutions, Inc.
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