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Re: User Guide status?

Sorry I haven't jumped in on this email sooner; I've been moving back into Clemson today and haven't been near a computer.

Will that be done in the wiki?  Or straight in XML from a git repo?
I'm good with either - just let me know where the FC10 version is located as
soon as you get it moved over.

That is a good question that Matthew and others need to think about.
Once the initial F9 User Guide is converted, it might be easier to do
the F10 update directly in XML.

I say +1 on straight to XML. Despite the fact that it will have a slightly larger learning curve than editing on the wiki, I would love to get rid of the conversion process and make sure everything is nice right on the XML document. I think that'll be much cleaner in general, especially since everyone will have to be looking at the final document (as opposed to everyone writing on the wiki and then a specialized conversion team generating the final copy). I'll have to learn just as much (and probably more) than a lot of us to do it this way, but I think it's worth it. Plus, it could get newer team members familiar with git and XML so they can help on other docs.

-- Matthew

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